Isla Zacatillo

La Unión

A maritime jewel very worth your time is Zacatillo island, located in the Fonseca Gulf.  It extends 4 square kilometers and its located 9 kms from the Port of La Union. Time seems to have stopped in this paradise.  There's only around 2 thousand people, and they all live from the sea through fishing.  You definitely can't leave from here without trying a little of their local cuisine. To get here you must hop on a collective or private boat at Los Coquitos; the rental price is nothing compared to the beauty of its beaches and the hypnotizing and calm waves. Ecotourism is big here and one of the most popular activities is trekking.  Even though fishing is their biggest activity, there's also some corn, bean, sesame and watermelon farming, so you can take a walk on these farms as well. El Zacatillo is so peaceful, that if you want to take a nap on the island, you'll find beautiful and quaint lodging, or you can camp out at the beach.
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