The Jiquilisco Bay is the home of a great variety of migratory and resident birds, all ready for you to watch by just taking a boat ride through its charming mangroves. Since this is a Ramsar Wetland of international importance, this bay counts with tremendous biological wealth, and you'll be able to see aquatic and beachfaring birds for you to identify in between the mangroves, resting on the beaches or soaring through the majestic skies. All you need to enjoy this magnificent experience is a pair of binoculars, natural colored clothing, and keen eyes. If you count with those, you'll enjoy their beautiful plumage. There are over 280 species of birds in the Jiquilisco Bay, and they represent 48% of the birds found in the country, including American Oystercatcher, Wilson’s Plover, Collared Plover, Least Tern and Boat-Billed Heron. Some of these species are considered endangered,and possess a captivating beauty.
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