Located about 15 km northeast of the city of Sonsonate. It is contiguous to Cerro Verde and to theof Santa Ana Volcano this area is named The Complex of Volcanoes. It is considered one of the youngest volcanoes in the world and still active having occurred its last eruption in October of 1966. It has an elevation of 1910 msnm According to the professor and historian Salvadoreño Jorge Lardé and Larín “at the beginning of century XVII formed a hollow , To the south-east of the Santa Ana volcano, a crater from which a column of thick, black smoke constantly erupted with a strong smell of sulfur and fire from time to time.

It was a volcano without cone, a volcano in formation to which the natives comarcans gave the name of “infiernillo of the Spaniards” (1633). After horrendous eruptions, the cocoa plantations and other plantations of the old Izalcos province were severely damaged. The main ones were those of 1722, 1745, 1753, 1762, 1765, in February 1770 a cone of magmatic materials was formed, Late eighteenth century was visible from long distances. It can then be considered that the volcano of Izalco was “born” in the year 1770 and has remained in activity almost continues until February 1957, when there was a violent eruption, followed by a weak and intermittent activity during the rest of the year. Already in 1958, the Izalco had ceased all activity during the rest of the year, in 1958, the Izalco had ceased all activity. It was at rest until October 28, 1966, when a small eruption occurred, by an embrasure that formed 550 meters below the summit on the SSE slope of the cone, which lasted a month. During that time, two lava flows descended at a distance of 1,200 meters. At present, you can observe fumaroles that leave the main crater of the volcano. The Izalco can be considered as an active volcano at rest.

This impressive volcano can be climbed in only 2 and a half hours, expeditions to its summit depart from Cerro Verde Park at 11 am every day, these are escorted and driven by local gypsies

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