Jiquilisco Bay

Considered one of the greatest natural treasures of El Salvador, Jiquilisco Bay offers a majestic experience in the east of the country, 111 kilometers from the capital in the department of Usulután.

Here we find the largest mangroves in El Salvador, which allows a great abundance of fish, exotic birds and reptiles such as: snakes, iguanas, turtles, crocodiles.

This area has been declared a Xirihualtique Biosphere Reserve, one of the three Biosphere Reserves that exist in El Salvador and Ramsar Site in 2005, composed of 27 islets and islands, including: Espiritu Santo, known as the coconut paradise; due to the countless number of palm trees that surround it.

It is also one of the maritime ecosystems with the greatest perennial extension of wetland habitats in the country, which can be recorded by boat starting at the mouth of the Lempa River to the Bocana de la Chepona.

During the tour you can enjoy captivating estuaries and canals, mangrove trees of great size and in excellent state of conservation, as well as an abundant nature, in addition to practicing sport fishing.

Its waters are passive waves and temperature ranges between 27 ° C and 35 ° C

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