Punta Mango
geo East Zone: Usulután

Jucuarán: Usulután

Punta Mango is a mythical beach, located on the eastern part of the department of San Miguel. Recently known to only a lucky few, it is now on the wish list any adventurous surfer.

For many years Punta Mango was only accessible by boat, departing from the beaches Las Flores or El Cuco. Now a days, it can be accessed by car, through a dirt road that begins in El Cuco which also goes through Las Flores.

Others prefer and continue taking a motor boat, speeding across the waves and grayish sea, sometimes escorted by witty dolphins, coming to a stop in a calm water to then enjoy an exciting session in this epic spot.

From here you can also explore nearby spots like El Toro and Bongo, beaches with also world class waves.

You can always freeze you experience in time by hiring a local photographer, who for a few dollars will immortalize this wild adventure.

The Punta Mango wave is one of the most demanding on the entire Salvadoran coast. Reserved only for experts on their best days. This rocky spot breaks to the right, creating a powerful, fast, tunnel, long-line wave which continues until winding its way down in a sandy inlet.

On an epic day, it can measure up to 12 feet (4 meters), in tunnel waves, but what´s different is its dark green color which adds a little mystery to it. Nevertheless, days with less aggressive waves, in which even a surfer of intermediate level can enjoy the session of his life are always there.

Punta Mango breaks waves all year round, but it usually at its best when the waves are bigger big in other parts of the country.

This surf spot was for many years a well-kept secret, and somehow it still preserves that isolation that makes it so attractive due to its rugged, rural and semi-desert landscape. But the most flourished beaches Las Flores and El Cuco are only 15 kilometers away, with all of the accommodations, food, provisions and connectivity.

You can also walk on the deserted beach, enjoy a sunset or make a few attempts with a fishing rod, to catch some of the edible fish species that come to the shore looking for prey on the rocky bed.

If you like the adrenaline and consider yourself an adventurous surfer and explorer, you cannot pass on the opportunity to runthe waves of Punta Mango.

Getting here from San Salvador is simple, take the Pan-American highway, in the direction of San Vicente, then take the road El Playón , until you get to and merging into the highway El Litoral , heading to San Miguel; When you reach the exit of El Delirio , follow the road to beach El Cuco, then to Las Flores, and continue west on the dirt road that will take you to your destination.

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