Chinchontepec Volcano

It is located in the departments of San Vicente and La Paz 7.7 km southwest of the city of San Vicente. Chichontepec means in the Nahuat language “Cerro de dos tetas”.

It is a perfect example of a double peak volcano. One has a flat summit at 2105 m.s.n.m. And the other has a conical shape with a height of 2181 m.s.n.m. Between the two peaks is a hollow that was the crater.

This Completely covered with vegaetation and has no known historical eruptions. However, it can not be considered as extinguished, having hot springs of sulphurous water and fumaroles in its base, known as “infiernillos, in its area are culltiva coffee, flowers and vegetables.

To ascend to this volcano there is a dirt road that departs from the city of Zacatecoluca located 68 kilometers from San Salvador by the coastal road that leads from San Salvador to the east of the country,

From its height are impressive views of the City of Zacatecoluca and San Vicente, Valley of Jiboa as well as Estero de Jaltepeque and part of the Bay of Jiquilisco.

Or You can climb it from the Canton Aguas Agrias in San Vicente department by entering the street that goes from Verapaz to Guadalupe call guides Enrique Villalta Tel. 7812-0249 or Ronie Portillo Tel. 7018-9033

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