Santo Domingo de Guzmán
geo West zone: Sonsonate

Visitors are welcomed by a privileged weather upon visiting this town, and also by its diversity of flora and fauna, crystal clear water and tourist sites that will make visitors not want to leave.

It is considered “The Cradle of the Nahuatl-Pipil culture”, its culture, traditions and gastronomy, is a complete experience that takes you back to various historical ages of this town that still preserves adobe houses, clay tile roofs and colorful handicrafts.

Among its attractions are the red clay pottery workshops, where artisans make comales, pots, kitchen utensils, handicrafts and other products; and tourists can also visit to learn the process of making them.

Visitors can buy souvenirs made with the famous red clay, in addition to enjoying the traditional cuisine, hot and cold beverages.

You cannot leave this place without going to its famous El Escuco Waterfall, where you can enjoy a refreshing bath.

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Salto de Malacatiupán Red Clay Pottery (Alfarería de barro rojo) El Escuco Waterfall
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