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Nahuizalco, a destination of history and crafts!
One of the most frequented attractions in Nahuizalco is the Nahuatl Pipil Memorial Museum, which compiles information on indigenous settlements, the history and details of the 1932 massacre, an event that marked El Salvador.

The inhabitants of Nahuizalco are characterized by their cultural identity, today it is still possible to see people wearing their indigenous costumes.
The local cuisine is another attraction. Once there, you should taste the canchules: traditional tamales of the festivities of the Day of the Dead Saints. Other traditional delicacies offered are the yucca pupusas and the sautéed yucca with pork rinds.

In Nahuizalco you can also visit the shops and workshops where handicrafts are made and also the characteristic furniture sold in this place.

Take a walk to the La Golondrinera waterfall, of more than 40 meters height; visit the night market and the Saint John the Baptist church (San Juan Bautista), built in the 18th century, among other activities.

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