El Escuco Waterfall
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geo West zone: Sonsonate

This destination in the eastern part of the country captivates visitors with its idiosyncrasy, its indigenous heritage and its huge waterfall El Escuco.

A short walk of approximately only half a kilometer, between green and colorful landscapes prepare you to see an amazing 80- meter waterfall. Just standing in front of it to receive the spray is so relaxing, and even more if you decide to dip into its pool, with a depth from one to five meters.

Xtreme sports and adrenaline lovers, can rappel safely in this place. This destination will take your breath away, since the ascent becomes a challenge amidst the water curtains of the waterfall, the huge rocks, the slippery terrain and the leafy vegetation.

Nahuatl speakers are another attraction of the area, since listening to them speak this ancient language transports you back in time. The Nahuat language is passed down from generation to generation, and schools are drafting teaching projects to avoid it from disappearing. Escuco in Nahuat means: falling water.

Pottery is another of the traditions that characterize the area, among the most popular items are the comales, kitchen utensils and red clay crafts, worked by hand and on the potter’s wheel. You will be able to take home beautiful utensils and handicrafts.

Santo Domingo de Guzman is a unique and interesting destination, where culture, tradition and nature invite you to return.

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