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Acajutla: Sonsonate

The beach Acajutla is an active municipality, and the main industrial maritime harbor of El Salvador. It is located in the west part of the department of Sonsonate.

The beach Acajutla is located next to the busy and happy urban area of city called Puerto, but when it comes to surfing, nearby beaches and sites are to be mentioned.

One thing about this beach is the fact is that it faces to the east of the Salvadoran coast and not south like most of the country’s beaches; for this reason, this area is not so exposed to the tides that come in from the South Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the waves in Acajutla are not so powerful or big, but because of that, you can’t get too confident because each spot has a special thing of its own that makes it unique. There are still waves to be discover in this region.

Next to the industrial pier, heading east, you will find the beach Las Flores, a gentle and friendly wave, that breaks right, which has been a true magnet attracting lovers of SUP surf and long boards. It is important to mention that this wave is only functional at high tide, as its rocky bottom when at low and mid tides, is dangerously exposed.

Right after the beach Las Flores, heading still to the east, is Punta Negra or Negrei, as the locals call it. It´s particularity known for being the wave breaking left in El Salvador. This wave can be powerful and rewarding. It works at all tides, but at the peak of low tide, it tends to tighten up.

There are beaches towards the west of the Acajutla industrial where you can surf, but most suitable for body surfing.

La Bocana is a beach break, located on the west side of the pier in Acajutla. Breaking to the left and right, and its characteristics are speed, short line, tunnels and abrupt tight closures.

On days with strong tides, the dock creates a long, slow and gentle left wave, ideal for riding on a long board or on a SUP; but it is very important and necessary to avoid clashing with the “beach break” to avoid a dangerous closure of the wave.

Right after La Bocana is the beach known as La Pilsener, another “beach break” less tubular in shape, but still fast and steep. This wave only breaks at mid tides.

Because of its location, this city of Acajutla is very well developed and populated making ideal for many activities for visitors. There are many hotels and some on the beach, houses for rent; as well as restaurants, bars and other attractions. There is also good connectivity.

To get to Acajutla from San Salvador, take the Pan-American highway taking the highway to Sonsonate. Right before getting to this city, take the road to Acajutla, follow the road until the signs indicate that you have arrived.


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