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Sonsonate is one of the destinations for religious tourism, due to its solemnity and fervor during the Holy Week. Its cultural importance is such, that in 2013 the Legislative Assembly declared Holy Week in Sonsonate as part of the Religious Cultural Heritage of the country.

The Santísima Trinidad de Sonsonate Cathedral, recognized by the attendance of parishioners who meet there to go in religious processions of the Nazarene and the Holy Burial during Holy Week.

Plaza Ferroviaria, cannot be missed, here visitors evidence the importance that the railroad had as a means of transport in that city.

Sonsonate is a municipality that, due to its proximity to other tourist references such as the Izalco volcano and golden sand beaches, is ideal to spend the night and stay a couple of days to explore the west of El Salvador.

The area has shops, restaurants and bars where visitors can find a varied cuisine and beverages.

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