Güija Lake
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The natural beauty, archaeological findings and legends of Lake Güija are just some of the attractions that will captivate visitors.

This lake is shared between El Salvador and Guatemala. On the Salvadoran side are the islands of Teotipa, Tule and Iguatepec. The latter has been excavated and numerous pieces of pre-Columbian pottery have been discovered.

From the small islands in the interior of the lake the view is of an intense greenness, consequence of an abundant vegetation, in which stand out the nance, the cedar, the “volador”, the mahogany, the granadillo, the rubber and the chichipince trees. It is the ideal habitat of birds such as the quetzal, the mockingbird and the American lark, as well as numerous lizards and snakes, boas and vipers, so it is best to always be accompanied by guides.

Visitors can also go bird watching and hiking in the San Diego La Barra Natural Protected Area. Other activities are rafting, kayaking, sailing and artisanal fishing on the banks of the Guajoyo River, formed by the lake´s Delta. Visitors can choose from a wide range of activities the ones that fits them best.

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