Cerro Verde Park

Since its reopening December 15, 2002 offers all tourists many innovative changes that have been with great effort to date have been satisfactory.

It has an extension of 54 blocks. 3 Interpretive Trails: The Mysterious Flowers Trail, a Nature Trail, and the Old Mountain Trail. Hikes to the volcanoes of Izalco (height 1,980 meters above sea level) and Santa Ana (height 2,381 meters above sea level). Viewpoints, recreational play area, Flora and Fauna. Sanitarios, Parking.Cafetería. Local Guides.

The Salvadoran Institute of Tourism has worked alongside the “Tour Guides” to offer foreign and national visitors an interpretation of the Natural Kingdom in an educational and different way. The “Tour Guides” project was created to involve people from the communities surrounding Cerro Verde, with the aim of giving young people an opportunity to learn and dedicate their time to something other than “Agricultural Work”.
Park Keepers (Park Personnel), Tourist Police.

It is located in the western region of the country comprising part of the departments of Santa Ana and Sonsonate.

Enjoy adventure and nature in an important nature reserve. Perfect setting to enjoy contact with nature.