El Tazumal Archeological Park
geo West zone: Santa Ana

At the Tazumal Archaeological Park, in Chalchuapa, visitors can tour some Mayan structures, including a ball court and temples. This used to be an important and sophisticated Mayan settlement that existed around 100 and 1200 AD. After a long occupation, the site was abandoned around 1200 AD. and now it’s a treasure trove of history.

Structure 1 is one of the main buildings, with 24 meters height and 13 construction stages dated between 100 and 800 AD. The main building is a large rectangular structure with the characteristic Mayan style topped by a temple. It has 13 concentric layers and the last ones form, in addition to the pyramid, a ball court and a water drainage system.

One of the most important sculptures found at this site is the Estela de Tazumal of 2.65 meters high and 1.16 meters wide.
A guided visit to the Illustrative Museum, which contains an extensive infographic with extensive information and details on the history and discovery of the park, is among many activities offered.

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