Casa Blanca Archeological Site

Casa Blanca is one of the Chalchuapa sites, settled principally in the Late Preclassical period, from around 400 BC to AD 250. Casa Blanca and the Trapiche site to its north are believed to have been important Mayan estates at the time. Both Casa Blanca and Tazumal were inhabited in the Classical and Post-Classical periods. Of particular importance in this site are the sculptures associated with the structures, including figures and effigies with human and animal faces. Flat stelae and altars for important events on the calendar have also been found.

The park currently covers nearly 6 hectares, with archaeological trails to visit the 6 structures that have been researched and partially restored thus far (3 pyramids and 3 smaller structures). An inset archaeological window describes the sequence of human habitation in the area, and a museum and indigo workshop give visitors a chance to learn about the process of cultivation, production, and use of this Mesoamerican dye.

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