Apastepeque Lagoon Water Park
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geo East Zone: San Vicente

Visit this park that rests on a volcanic explosion crater, whose shores are covered by vegetation typified as a sub-tropical rainforest, with a tropical transition; considered as one of the main life zones of El Salvador, with an area that extends from the volcanic range to the coastline flatlands.
This recreational area includes a beach area, a pool, restaurant, paths, picnic areas and cabins; and for those that seek to admire landscaping and passive waters, the park offers a welcoming floating dock from where to enjoy a fresh water mirror.

Apastepeque Lagoon is considered one of the main life zones of El Salvador that has a sub tropical rainforest, with tropical transition and is surrounded by much vegetation such as Ceiba trees, Real Cedar, Sálamo, Pacún, Laurel, Chilamate, Madrecacao, Olives, Conacaste, White Conacaste, Guarumo, River Almond, among many other trees.

Entrance fee for national visitors: $ 1.50 (children under 6 and adults over 60 are free)

Entrance fee for foreign visitors: $3.00 (Any age)
Parking for light vehicles: $1.00
Parking for heavy vehicles: $2.00
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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