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Panchimalco is known for being a benchmark of national culture; The population of Panchimalco come from pre Colombian times.

It is full of history and architecture; and preserves its colonial roots, cobbled streets and houses with ancient beauty that you can discover by walking through its streets. As part of its identity, Panchimalco is known for the celebration of Las Flores and Las Palmas, in honor of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin of the Rosary, becoming the center of an important religious festival.

Its climate is quite diverse, for being close to the metropolitan area and for its important natural and man-made resources, with tourist attractions, recognized nationally and internationally, among them: the Balboa Natural Park, The Family Park, and Los Planes de Renderos which is the main access road to the city of Panchimalco a viewpoint where you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view.

The site is rich in cultural activities and for visitors who enjoy history, culture and art, the House of Culture and Coexistence is the place where architectural pieces are exhibited, and the Art gallery called “Sergio Clará”, where an exhibition of typical costumes of all El Salvador and a sample of photographs of Panchimalco of yesteryear and its traditional festivals can be seen.

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Iglesia Santa Cruz de Roma (Holy Cross Church of Rome) Balboa Nature Park Planes de Renderos San Salvador
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