El Rosario Church
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Since 1971, El Rosario church is recognized as religious heritage site for Salvadorans, it is one of the last churches built in the downtown San Salvador, it has a modern architectural design, rich with European influence and unique in the Americas.

Located in La Libertad Plaza this building is 24 meters wide and 80 meters long, it has a concave shape that rises 24 meters above the floor and surprisingly there are no interior columns.

This location was the original site of San Salvador’s main catholic temple, which was constructed by priest and independence hero José Matías Delgado in the eighteenth century. It is said that the building was made out of wood, but unfortunately, it was consumed by fire, that’s why in 1962 a new church project was assigned to architect and sculptor Ruben Martinez.

Martinez is the creator of many monuments around San Salvador including the Monument to the Constitution and The Christ of Peace Monument, among others.

Compared to other temples, the church has no pillars to obstruct the visibility so visitors have an unobstructed view of the altar and the colorful religious images.

All visitors will appreciate its unique concrete walls with no finish, even more impressive are the stained glass windows that gives light and color to the otherwise dark interior. People say that this unique design resembles the shape of aircraft hangar instead of that a traditional church.

Furthermore, this extraordinary church has a stylized Way of the Cross made of black wrought iron on cement and pumice rock. Each piece is a work of art by itself.

To this date, El Rosario church is the resting place of independence heroes brothers Nicolas, Vicente, and Manuel Aguilar, making this temple a cultural property protected under the Hague Convention and by Legislative Decree #38 issuing “Historic Site” status in 1972.

In addition, this temple is known as one of the iconic buildings of the historic center of San Salvador, not only because the relevant events that have taken place in the surroundings, but also for its unique architectural design that represents an important part of our El Salvador impressive.


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