Cerro de Guazapa

It is located in the union of the departments of Cuscatlán and San Salvador to 10.5 km. To the southwest of the city of Suchitoto. It has an elevation of 1438 m.s.n.m. It is an old volcano of which there are no records of historical eruptions. Its form seen from the City of Aguilares resembles an asleep maiden It has deep ravines and is formed of several cusps, almost naked of vegetation and strongly eroded that form perimeters of extinguished old craters and Destroyed.

Among its attractions are jumps and waterfalls, hidden caves, variety of birds and plants, dry tropical forest vestiges of indigo obrajes, vestiges of the civil war of El Salvador, (tatús)

To the hill are organized horse rides (minimum group of 5 people) and must reserve with a minimum of three days to assure horses and escorts, these cavalcades leave Suchitoto or Aguilares at 08:00 hours and last 5 to 6 hours

You must contact Tel 2323-6874 7936-6711 for reservations