Cihuatán Archeological Park
geo Central Zone: San Salvador

Discover one of El Salvador’s pre-Hispanic cities, a Mayan monumental center that spans about 60 blocks and includes pyramids and platforms, walls, a palace, and other structures.

In the city, which dates back to 900 AD, three main areas have been identified: a ceremonial center, delimited by a surrounding wall; the acropolis where the noble dwelling area was located and the domestic area, where the rest of the population lived.

Among the areas that you will visit are the walled square with pyramids and some structures of the ceremonial center, the archaeological path and the museum, where ceramics and other archaeological finds of the place are exhibited.

The weather in Cihuatán is very hot, so it is recommended to wear suitable clothing and footwear, as well as a cap or hat, sunscreen, and repellent. You can also bring food, as there are picnic areas and a cafeteria that offers drinks

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