Las Flores
geo East Zone: San Miguel

Chirilagua: San Miguel

Playa Las Flores is located in the department of San Miguel. The small and beautiful creek that receives the traveler, marks the beginning of a series of rocky points, with waves breaking to the right, perfect for surfing. It runs one after another for several kilometers, from east to west on the Salvadoran coast.

Due to tits nature and also remote, It is known as “The Wild East”. Modern roads and paths lead to Las Flores, whose natural charm and quality of waves remain intact.

During the months of December and January, this beach offers gentle waves, suitable for beginners and intermediates; But when the tides from the South Pacific Ocean arrive, especially between the moths of March and October, you must psych yourself up; since this spot produces waves of up to 12 feet high (4 meters), with long and steep lines, that move quickly over a semi-rocky bottom, until they merge with the volcanic gray sand of its shore.

The beach Las Flores is picture and dramatic like setting. As you are there, the immense cliffs that enclose this beautiful beach will undoubtedly attract your attention, where beautiful hotels have been built right at the top of the cliffs.

The small boats of the local fishermen are grouped next to each other on the shore of the beach, waiting to go out to sea; or when they return to shore, loaded with the day’s catch is some of the experiences you will be able to appreciate. These same boats also serve their services to surfers and tourists to take them to the rest of the waves and deserted beaches that can be seen on the horizon.

The accommodation services is wide and varied, both on the beach Las Flores and in the nearby community of El Cuco. You can even choose to camp and enjoy a more adventurous experience.

Local cuisine is always available for you to experience and taste at this location, from a typical Salvadoran breakfast, with eggs, beans and fried plantains; to sophisticated seafood dishes.

Getting to Las Flores is easy: From San Salvador take the Pan-American highway towards San Vicente till you get to the el Playón toad and merge on the highway El Litoral heading to San Miguel; When you reach El Delirio exit, take the road towards El Cuco and Las Flores.

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