El Cuco Beach

lifestyle of the city. El Cuco is a popular beach, frequented by Salvadorans, especially from the East who want to relax and enjoy the tranquility of its waters. The extensive areas of black sand are perfect for a soccer match, playing volleyball, jogging, among other activities.
The surf is not as intensive as in other beaches so you may swim, surf (beginners) and fish.

Where to eat

El Cuco a wide range of cuisine both in restaurants and small ranchos (huts) with seafood specialties, fresh from the sea, at affordable prices.

How to get there

If driving take the coastal highway (CA-2) towards Usulután (East), find diversion named “El Delirio” where you must turn right to El Cuco and La Unión. The road is in excellent condition and well signposted. You may park at any restaurant or hotel that you like.
Bus route:
– From San Miguel: Route 320 (bound to El Cuco, San Miguel and Chirilagua). Fares from US$ 0.75.
– From Usulután: Route 373 (bound to Usulután, El Tránsito and San Miguel). Fares from US$ 0.75.