El Cuco
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Chirilagua: San Miguel

Considered as one of the favorite destinations in the eastern part of El Salvador, the beach El Cuco is a place that you cannot miss, due to its beauty and attractions.

This beach is located 170 kilometers from San Salvador, in the department of San Miguel, it´s well known for its very long beach of volcanic black sand, in which a trip to it is an adventure of its own collecting its multi-shape and multicolored shells as one of the attractions.

The waves in this part of the country are smooth and constant. It invites you to take a dip in its refreshing waters, especially after sunbathing, playing a game of soccer or volleyball, jogging, walking or flying a kite.

As for surfing, the countless sandbanks along its coastline create waves everywhere, not the kinds that an expert is looking for, but very suitable for starting out in this sport. With gentle breakers, with white foam and little depth, making it easy to go pretty way out in the ocean with waist-deep water, riding to shore on a traditional surfboard or boogie board.

From the typical food of pupusas and tamales, to refreshing ceviches and cocktails, to stuffed fish, or whatever your taste buds could imagine. Ice cones of countless flavors, soft drinks made from local fruit, and exotic dishes such as dried and salted fish in the sun is what you will find at this beach.

Here you will find all kinds of rates accommodations, quality, and style. You can also camp on the beach, with the heat of a bonfire, and under the beautiful stars.

To get to the beach El Cuco from San Salvador, you must take the highway east El Litoral for about two hours. You will then find the exit road to El Delirio, turn right and follow the road that will take you to El Cuco.

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