Gulf of Fonseca

A road trip of approximately 207 kilometers along the CA-2 from the capital, takes you to the department of La Unión, where Gulf of Fonseca is located, one of the emerging destinations in El Salvador, which more people want to visit. Its main attraction is the paradisiacal view that allows to appreciate islands that reside in the Pacific Ocean, between El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Meanguera, Meanguerita, Conchaguita, Punta Zacate or Zacatillo, Martín Pérez, Zacate Grande, El Tigre, Exposición, Rocas Desnudas, Los Farallones, among other islands, all this destinations imposing volcanic archipelago.

The destination can be traveled by boat, a service offered by locals and whose port of departure is traditionally the Muelle de La Unión or Muelle Los Coquitos. Among the list of destinations is Meanguera Island, where according to legend, the English Corsair Francis Drake buried part of his treasures.
In this destination you can learn about history, since on the Conchaguita Island you can see the door of the church of Santa Ana de Teca, built in the 16th century by the friars of the order of San Francisco.

If you love fishing, in Isla Zacatillo you will have a unique experience, since its inhabitants are dedicated to this activity as the main source of work.

La Union is located in the east of El Salvador, an area that is characterized by high temperatures, so it is recommended fresh and light clothing, hat or cap, hydration and sunscreen when you decide to visit this destination.

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