Its name in Nahuatl means: “House of the Little Fish” or “The Cave of the Little Fish”, it is located 52 kilometers from the city of San Salvador. The land of this paradisiacal site was donated to the state by Antonio Avendaño Osorio and Antonio Domínguez, owners of the estates, during the office of Mr. Raúl Contreras as the head of the National Tourism Board. The 75- acre park was opened in 1952. It has three pools to fit all needs, “Popular”, “Family” and the “Fountain”, with two additional pools for children and five ponds; two water sources, a 6.50 meter- high slide and two free fall slides.

The mythological attractions offered by Ichanmichen include crystalline water sources like “El Cipitío”, “La Ciguanaba”, “The fountain of Xochitl”, “Valentina´s corner” and “The Mermaid” pools, all surrounded by abundant vegetation.

General information

· Admission for adults: $ 1.50 USD

· Free for children under 6 years, adults over 60 and for the physically impaired.

· Foreign tourists: $ 3.00 (all ages)

· Parking: small vehicle $ 1.00, large vehicle $ 2.00

· Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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