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Jicalapa: La Libertad

The Taquillo complex is a protected natural area, located in the municipality of Jicalapa, in the department of La Libertad.

This area has the largest extension of deciduous forests, meaning that this type of trees lose their leaves at some time of the year, which change to vegetation when they reach the cliffs overlooking the sea.

It´s a region with a lot of natural diversity, and one of the rarities of this region is the existence of the Aztec snail, known locally as “jute teñidor”, due to the slimy substance that it secretes and can be used as a natural coloring. The purple snail an endangered species is also remarkably in this area.

The best-known beach in this area is Shalpa, a small natural and virginal paradise, which stands out for its isolation, its rocky reefs and its exuberant vegetation.

Shalpa is an extraordinary beach. There are towering rock formations, which offer beautiful views, while its dark sand coastline contrasts with the rocks that protrude from the shoreline and the sea. In some parts of the beach, natural salt water pools are formed, which can be enjoyed at low tide.

The waves are on this beach are usually calm. It´s not so suitable for surfing, but the tide and proper direction of the waves can create conditions to get on a board or a SUP and enjoy a beautiful session, in calm waters and in the middle of a breathtaking landscape.

If you arrange to get the permits from the office of The Ministry of Environment, you can organize an unforgettable camping experience at this site.

Taquillo is an exceptional place to do ecotourism making you feel like as if you are in a forgotten world. Due to the reason that it is a forest like site, few services are available here. But more populated beaches are very nearby, and only 25 kilometers away is El Puerto de La Libertad, making it easy to stock up on the necessary things or to return to “civilization.”

Due to its beauty and tranquility, the demand for accommodation services has been increasing.

To get there to the beach Taquillo from San Salvador, take the road leading to El Puerto de La Libertad, then the Camino a Surf City bypass, and continue on the highway El Litoral heading west; After going through the first tunnel, look for Taquillo sign announcing your arrival. Once there you can choose whether to go up into town, to your right, or go down to the coast. This is a dirt and rocky road, so you may need a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

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