Santa Tecla
geo Central Zone: La Libertad

Santa Tecla is the most important city in the department of La Libertad with a historical richness that is stamped on its colonial infrastructure that merges with modernity.

This destination is surrounded by vegetation; thanks to which it enjoys a pleasant weather most of the day. Many green landscapes can be seen in both its urban and rural scenes, being one of the most attractive, its route to the El Boquerón volcano, along which is a string of restaurants, bars and beautiful cafes that offer a view of the city of San Salvador and Santa Tecla.

El Boquerón is just a few minutes from the downtown area of Santa Tecla, which allows visitors to experience two different settings just 15 minutes away: city and mountain

The city can be walked through easily, allowing visitors to enjoy the old colonial style architecture but also eclectic, neo-gothic, art nouveau, or neo-baroque houses, many of which were converted into shops.

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