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La Libertad

La Paz beach, is located on the west side of the famous pier which identifies this tourist attraction in the heart of El Puerto de La Libertad.

It´s very well-liked attraction by tourists, due to the dozens of restaurants, hotels, music and entertainment on the shoreline; and as a surf destination, there is something magical about it.

A rocky bottom, breaking right is what this long point spot is al about. On an epic day, it can be the end spot of a route that begins at the adjoining and famous Punta Roca. But it usually has its own gentle sections of waves, somewhat slow with long lines and perfect shape.

Most of the local surfers of El Puerto begin their day on this wave, and beginners find it ideal to gain experience before daring to challenge more demanding waves.

La Paz is a perfect wave for long boards and for SUP surfing, for its kindness of its starting zone and its wide wall. Its and inviting feeling to cross it calmly, almost in slow motion. However, it should not be underestimated, during the immense surge days that come from the south which hit the Salvadoran coast. This taciturn wave when awaken, becomes a world-class breaker, creating wave tunnels and crests up to 10 feet high (3.5 meters).

Being that it is located in the heart of the city of El Puerto de La Libertad, and only 30 minutes from the capital, La Paz is a very accessible place with all the attractions that a visitor requires. Dozens of hotels and accommodations, houses for rent, restaurants with all kinds of food, transportation, banks, pharmacies, supermarkets and absolute connectivity.

Besides surfing, there are dozens of activities to do and have a good time. Tours to parks, mountains, waterfalls, fishing, motorcycling and more. The modern capital city is near, as is the majestic San Salvador volcano and its curious double crater El Boquerón.

Getting to the beach La Paz from San Salvador is not difficult to do, just take the highway to El Puerto de La Libertad and once you arrive, go west; after the pier, turn left and you have arrived your destination.

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