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The beach K61 is the beach that´s after the K59, heading west of El Salvador.

Less popular than its neighboring beach, and much less crowded, it is nevertheless a high-quality surfing spot, operating on all tides.

Over the immense bedrock that projects out into the sea, two sections of waves are formed. The one furthest from the coast is a fast, long line, steep, and sometimes of wave tunnels, suitable for intermediate or advanced surfers. But when this same section gets closer to shore, the wave becomes tamer and slower, ideal for riding long boards, SUP surfing, or for beginners.

If the tide is too big at other points, the K61 usually shows a gentler and even epic side of itself, with heights of 2 to 8 feet (0.5 to 2.5 meters). You must take into consideration that the beach is covered by thousands of river stones, and that there are colonies of urchins in the water, so you have to be more cautious when going in.

To the wave qualit, the K61 adds a rugged landscape, surrounded by mountains and tropical forest, at the location, there are small shops and if you want to go to El Puerto de La Libertad, it is only less than 30 kilometers away, and a short drive or bus ride will be enough to go and stock up on everything you need.

To get to the beach K61 from San Salvador, you must take the highway to El Puerto de La Libertad, and once there, turn right on the highway El Litoral. After going through the first tunnel heading west, keep going for two more kilometer. There to your left, keep an eye out for a small dirt road that leads to the beach.

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