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Chiltiupán: La Libertad

From El Puerto de La Libertad to the west, traveling along the highway El Litoral, with its impressive cliffs and breath taking views, is quite a spectacle. But immediately after passing through the first of its five tunnels, carved into the heart of these emerald mountains, it will be impossible to stop staring at the perfect waves that break hundreds of meters below, on the beach known as K59.

After this impressive take, you just need to advance a little less than a kilometer on the road to find the path that leads to this paradise of waves, which is distinguished by the huge cliff split in half to the left, and on the right a sea of gray river stones; a setting that makes the black volcanic sand beach stand out and beautiful.

Like most surfing spots in El Salvador, the K59 is a rocky spot, where the waves come directly from the South Pacific Ocean, creating a fast wave machine, with a right break, long lines, wave tunnel sections and a wide and steep wall.

Between the months of March and August, this beach can create waves up to 12 feet high (4 meters). And the rest of the year, especially between the months of November and December, the size of the waves decrease, due to its rocky bed and the shape of the wave, this is not a suitable place for beginners.

The K59 beach is surrounded by mountains and coastal forests that are part of the southern mountain range of El Salvador, which for a long time was known as the balsam coast, due to the plantations of these trees, which are still and since the colonial era, are exploited for the extraction of their valuable amber liquid.

This area has barely started its tourism development, so there is few tourists and surfers, however there are some camp like accommodations for surfers, as well as numerous houses for rent. Nevertheless, it only takes 20 minutes of driving or by bus to reach El Puerto de La Libertad, where the traveler can stock up on the necessary needs.

To get to the beach K59 from San Salvador, you must take the highway to El Puerto de La Libertad, then turn right towards the highway El Litoral, until you pass the first tunnel.

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