El Palmarcito
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Tamanique: La Libertad

In the recent years, the beach El Palmarcito has been gaining popularity as a tourist and surfing destination.

It is located just 15 kilometers west of El Puerto de la Libertad, like a small cove between two huge gorges.

The beach El Palmarcito offers a short wave, with a run to the right, and sometimes to the left, with a semi-rocky bottom, which can become high of quality when the direction of the waves and the tides are just right.

Traditionally this beach hasn’t been much visited since it is mainly occupied by private beach houses; but as time has gone by, it has been attracting more and more national and foreign tourists as well as surfers, as well as the opportunities of houses for rent, restaurants and other types services, especially out on the road.

The beach El Palmarcito is of a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, surrounded by tropical nature and volcanic sand.

Its waves never become massive, as it locks when it exceeds 6 feet in height (2 meters).

In the central part of the cove you will find soft and foamy waves, which are ideal for learning the ABCs of surfing.

The sun shines all year round throughout the entire Coast of El Salvador, and the water is warm and clean. And if you are adventurous, camping is a safe and fun attraction.

The wide and flat beach invites you to have fun with a soccer ball, organize a volleyball game, fly a kite, go jogging or lie down to receive the sun, with an ice cold drink in hand.

The proximity to the Port of La Libertad and El Tunco, make it an easily accessible beach. Located at kilometer 51 of the coastal highway, it is very close to dozens of restaurants and accommodation distributed throughout the Salvadoran coast.

To get from San Salvador, take the highway to El Puerto de la Libertad, then take the Camino a Surf City bypass, and continue west on the Litoral highway, until you reach kilometer 51, where you will see the sign for the El Palmar bridge and then the one for El Palmarcito beach.

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