El Cocal / Conchalio

El Cocal:

Visited by local and foreign surfers due to its proximity to El Sunzal and La Paz beaches. This beach is characterized by the vast variety of sea gastronomic products.

Location: La Libertad Port, Department of La Libertad

How to get there?

If you travel by vehicle you must take the coastline highway and be on the lookout for sign posts.



Located in La Libertad Municipality, the Department of La Libertad. Conchalío offers a variety of accommodations. Visitors can find in its surroundings hotels, hostels, restaurants, houses for rent, etc. This beach is characterized by fast and quiet waves, for this reason it is visited by surf enthusiasts, especially beginners.

How to get there

To get to Conchalio beach by car, it is recommended that you take the coastline highway. This beach is located after the Chilama bridge, to the left

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