San Andrés Archeological Park
geo Central Zone: La Libertad

San Andrés is one of the largest pre-Hispanic centers in El Salvador. It used to be a regional capital between 600 to 900 AD. This ancient community covered a total of 200 hectares or more, and consisted of a monumental center surrounded by a large common residential area.

The site comprises an acropolis, which is an elevated plaza with pyramids and houses on top. There is also a large plaza on the north side where there are other pyramids, including a bell-shaped one. Most of the structures are open to the public, making your tour more entertaining thanks to its beautiful green landscapes.

According to researchers, farmers lived in small huts in the surroundings, harvesting the main products, such as corn, beans and pepian. All the buildings were made of adobe blocks, except for two structures that were built with blocks of volcanic tuff, known locally as talpetate. Details of the layout of the acropolis and every other structure are on display in the museum.

It is believed that San Andrés came to rule the Zapotitán valley, and some neighboring areas, such as the Las Hamacas valley, now San Salvador.

San Andrés is usually hot, so it is better to wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Do not forget to bring a hat. It is also recommended that you bring your food, as the site has picnic areas and a cafeteria, where you can find water, soft drinks, hydrant drinks and snacks.

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