Suchitlán Lake
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geo Central Zone: Suchitoto

Come and visit the artificial lake of El Salvador!
Just as you read, the Suchitlán Lake is a man-made work created to take advantage of the hydraulic energy and thus have a source of drinking water. Its creation dates back to 1973 and 1976 with the construction of the Cerrón Grande Hydroelectric Power Plant.

In spite of being an artificial river, its contribution is enormous, since its course produces the greatest amount of electrical energy for El Salvador. However, it also has key tourist aspects for the area. Many people come to the lake for fishing, boat rides or kayaking.

Its name was created by Alejandro Coto, one of the major cultural references of the place, which came up after mixing the first letters of Suchitoto and the last ones of Cuscatlán. This huge artificial beauty is so big that it is located among three departments: Chalatenango, Cuscatlán and Cabañas.

If you want to know more about the beauties that surround this lake, embark on a boat and visit the most beautiful and hidden islands that the place has. Among them you can find: Los Pájaros, Isla Los Enamorados, Isla El Chaparral, Isla El Ermitaño, among other islands. You can’t miss these unique landscapes.

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