geo : Cuscatlán

Suchitoto, located at 47 kilometers from the capital, is a must-see destination during your visit to El Salvador. This colonial city houses an invaluable cultural and historical wealth, which blends with nature and its imposing views, honoring its meaning in Nahuatl “place of birds and flowers.”

Historically, this destination was home to the first capital of the country in 1528 and its commercial characteristics are very visible in the area, now converted into a tourist bastion surrounded by hostels, restaurants and picturesque cafes that give the feeling of being in colonial times.

Every corner of Suchitoto encloses a very well preserved architectural charm. As you walk through its cobbled streets you will appreciate the tile roofs made of dirt, beautiful balconies, picturesque houses and doors that will transport you to the past. In addition, you can find many cultural centers, galleries, museums, handicraft sales, community development areas, among other.

The diversity of activities that Suchitoto offers is so great that it is the venue for major cultural events such as the International Festival of Art and Culture, held every year in February; the Suchitoto International Film Festival, held in November; and the Corn Festival, celebrated in August.

This destination has many attractions worthwhile visiting, one day is short to discover its charm, so it is best to spend the night and enjoy the traditional nightlife in its boutique restaurants, cafes or bars. As for accommodation, visitors can choose between hostels and hotels, according to their budget and requirements.