Los Tercios Waterfalls
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geo Central Zone: Cuscatlán

As if it were a sculpture, Los Tercios is a waterfall formed by overlapping hexagonal blocks of stone from which water flows. It is located only 1 kilometer from Suchitoto, in the Las Animas stream.

To see the 10 meter waterfall, visitors must walk through crumbling rocks, which represents quite an adventure for tourists, who are also delighted by the unforgettable views of Lake Suchitlán. Given the demanding nature of the descent, non-slip footwear is recommended.

Such is the rarity of the stone structure that many researchers have developed studies to discover the reason for the creation of this natural jewel. Although there are several legends, among the most popular is that of a young woman from a wealthy family who fell in love with an indigenous man, leading to a feud between families and a curse, where the young woman’s entire family would die and their fabric store would turn into rocks, this explains where the rock formation came from.
This place is visited by nationals and foreigners, especially in winter when the descending water enhances its beauty, not to mention the beautiful landscapes offered by the vegetation and fauna.

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