La Palma
geo Central Zone: Chalatenango

This colorful destination displays houses painted with naive designs, very typical of the area. This technique was created by Fernando Llort, one of the most recognized national and international Salvadoran artists.

No one can miss the workshops where handicrafts in wood, leather, ceramics, seeds and cotton fabric are made. As part of the experience that the destination offers, visitors will be able to put their painting skills to the test.

Being a town with many attractions, you can hire a guide to take you through the most emblematical places, such as the handicraft market, the church, among others. One of the most popular guided tours is the historical one in which you will learn where the first dialogue for peace was held and the clock tower, which dates back to 1932.

La Palma is the starting point to various destinations in the upper area of Chalatenango, such as El Pital and Miramundo, where agritourism and many more entertainments are offered.

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