Meet Cabañas, the youngest department of the country. Here you’ll enjoy many traditions and arts and crafts that showcase the legacy of salvadorans. It’s vistas are a delight to fans of ecotourism.

In Cabañas, you’ll enjoy many traditions, the most notable of which are The Bonfires, carried out on december 7 each year starting at 6:00 PM. The celebration takes place on the eve of the Virgin of Conception and consists of gathering leaves and lighting them in strategic places.

Its gastronomy will captivate you, since you’ll be able to enjoy traditional dishes such as pupusas, marquesote sweet bread, tamales, raw milk with tortilla and riguas (baby corn tortilla) dipped in fresh milk. As you can imagine due to it’s dishes, Cabañas is characterized cattle industry and dairy production.

Amongst it’s natural wonders you can visit La Cruz Hill, which rise 921 meters over sea level; Ocotillo Hill which stands tall at 1,014 meters over sea level; the Lempa River, which runs for around 88 kilometers in this department alone the 5 de Noviembre Hydroelectric Dam and the Cerron Grande reservoirs.

Its famous traditional arts and crafts position Cabañas nicely at a national level and internationally, especially through its clay figurines and crafts made in the municipality of Ilobasco (you really should check out their pottery workshops!). Another of its famous municipalities is Cinquera, where you’ll learn the proper crafting of cigarettes and cigars, as well as the art of curing leather. Finally, in Victoria, you’ll learn a new appreciation on the crafting of traditional palm brooms!

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