Salto de Malacatiupán
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geo West zone: Ahuachapán

The Salto de Malacatiupan is the only waterfall in El Salvador with thermal waters, which makes it a unique attraction, in addition to its scenic beauty of a natural terrain where the Agua Caliente River meets the San Antonio River. The waterfall has three cascades, with a height of approximately 12 meters.

The waterfall is 20 minutes from the center of Atiquiazaya, Ahuachapán, a picturesque town adorned with murals, including some in 3D, much photographed by tourists.

A short walk is enough to be dazzled by the scenery and the turquoise water. Locals say that the second and third waterfalls are divided by a rock that resembles the face of a monkey.

Don Juan Waterfall
A hidden and natural paradise in Ahuachapán, where a spring of water that falls between the rocks forms the refreshing natural “pools” of this destination.

Located only 6 and a half kilometers from the road that leads to Ataco, this place offers an adventure away from the bustle of the city and close to the harmonious concert of the natural world.

Cool weather, mist at different times of the year, green landscapes everywhere and water springs are some of the experiences you will enjoy.

This is a good time to take a few minutes’ detour from the Ruta de las Flores and learn more about the landscapes that El Salvador has to offer.

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