geo : Ahuachapán

Welcome to one of the destinations with the coolest climate in El Salvador!

Apaneca’s cold climate is offset by a cup of the highest quality coffee, harvested in the area.
Apaneca is one of the destinations that make up the Ruta de Las Flores, located in the department of Ahuachapán at 1,477 meters above sea level, an ideal place for cool weather lovers.

Apaneca has destinations such as Laguna Verde and Laguna Las Ninfas, both lagoons are ideal for hiking and exploring the flora and fauna of the area. Its church, the facades of its houses, its culture and traditions will transport you to ancient times of this town with a great historical legacy.

The most solemn Holy Week activities in El Salvador are celebrated in this town of colors, old houses and traditions, so this is a good time of year to visit. Besides, this destination has other various tourist attractions such as the Izalco Volcano and the Atecozol Water Park.

A peculiar tradition of Izalco is the existence of the Common Mayor, besides the municipal mayor, who is elected by the indigenous communities that live in Izalco. In addition, its religious and cultural roots are very deep, since there are traditional Brotherhoods that are pillar organizations of the daily life of its inhabitants.
At these destinations you can also go canopying, mountain bike climbing and take buggy rides, since the area has several destinations that invite you to put your skills to the test.

Visitors are invited to go to curious and mystical places such as the Albania Labyrinth, a huge ecological labyrinth that challenges you to find your way out; and the Hoyo de Cuajusto, an extinct volcanic crater that preserves some caves.

Accommodation is not a problem, the area has an affordable cozy hostel but visitors can also choose between cabins or more rustic hotels.

The colorful houses and the handicraft sales will motivate you to take a tour around the cobblestone streets. In the downtown area visitors can taste local cuisine such as Indian chicken soup, roast chicken, quesadillas and more.

Regarding gastronomy, both in the urban area and in the neighboring destinations you will find a rich offer of traditional cuisine.

Definitely, Apaneca is a place that you must visit.