El Salvador
The Government of El Salvador, together with the Ministry of Tourism, have implemented a plan so that your visit to our country is safe. Please, read the instructions carefully and contact your tourist provider or call us at (503) 2241 3200 to answer your questions.

Biosecurity Requirements to enter El Salvador

Not vaccinated against COVID-19: They should present a negative COVID-19 result given 72 hours before the arrival to El Salvador (PCR, NAAT or LAMP as well). Vaccinated agains COVID-19: They should present the vaccination certificate with all doses suministrated, depending on the type of vaccine. If they have only been given a dose of two: They should present a negative COVID-19 result given 72 hours before the arrival to El Salvador (PCR, NAAT or LAMP).


Find out about the entry and biosecurity conditions of the place you visit, so that you can comply with them. Biosecurity is everyone's business.
Try to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters between clients.
Disinfect your hands with a 70% alcoholic solution after having contact with surfaces such as tables, doors, menu, cash and others.
As a client, the use of the mask is essential when you are in closed spaces and when you are in open spaces that do not have physical distance of at least 2 meters
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Keep your physical distance of at least 2 meters.
If you are in common areas, always wear a mask.
Sanitize your hands with alcohol gel after every interaction with other people.
Check- Find out about the establishment's biosecurity regulations so that you can comply with them for your protection and that of others.
Tourist Transport
If you travel in a group, remember to maintain biosecurity conditions: keep your physical distance and wear a mask
Find out and respect the maximum capacity of a transport or establishment. This is how we all take care of ourselves
Wash your hands before and after boarding the transport. If you can't, use 70% alcohol gel
Use the trash can inside the transport unit. If it does not have it, request that they place one. Let's keep our tourist destinations clean
In any interaction, minimize the risk by properly using high-efficiency masks and personal visual protection equipment (glasses or face shield).
Wash your hands every hour and apply a 70% alcoholic solution for antisepsis, after every social interaction
Let's keep our tourist destinations clean. Remember to deposit the masks only in the appropriate containers, thus avoiding cross contamination and risks of infection.
To protect yourself, in the different establishments and places you visit during your trip, keep the biosecurity measures.
Remember to wash your hands with soap and water frequently during your visit, and to disinfect your hands with alcohol gel before and after touching surfaces.
Allows temperature measurement. This measure helps to identify possible infection risks.
If a park staff or tour guide is not using personal protective equipment or following protocols, report back.
Maintain physical detachment in all your activities. Use the mask properly.
Download our biosecurity protocols