Ariela Suster, previously an editor at InStyle and Lucky, has a workshop there where she enlists at-risk youth to generate jobs and opportunities for the community; they’re the artisan hands behind her colorful and crafty designs. Here, she takes us through her typical day, from rise-with-the-sun mornings to Gran Hotel nights.

6:30 AM

Wake up to my alarm. I usually set it for 6:00 AM but will hit snooze until 6:30 AM.

7:00 AM

Decaf coffee (I had to cut caffeine last year when I did a detox) that I now pretend has caffeine. I drink it right before starting my morning workout. When I am in El Salvador I either sleep at the lake or in the city — both are the same distance from the town I work in, Tepecoyo. When I am at the lake I start with a 30-minute run around the island, which looks like a mini jungle. Then I jump in the lake and do a loop around the island, kayaking.

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