Tin Marín Children’s Museum

Tin Marín Children’s Museum

One of the most interesting activities to be found in San Salvador, is the Tin Marin Children’s Museum; where the concept is to “learn by playing”. Opened in 1999, this is the first educational museum in El Salvador, and is aimed at children “from 0 to 100 years”. At this museum children can explore, discover and experience everything related to science, art, technology and daily life of Salvadorans.
Currently there are over 29 permanent exhibits that stimulate creativity, build self-esteem and develop skills in an environment that promotes teamwork. Among them:
• The Garden of the Pingües (Children): from 0 to 4 years.
• The Phone
• The energy that moves us
• Re-use and recycle paper
• Nature and me
• Aircraft (real aircraft cockpit)
• Tin Marín Hospital
• My body
• Supermarket
• The Market
• Home
• Butterfly Vivarium
• Fire Truck
• The gravity house
• By Train in El Salvador
• Man on the Moon
• The little theater
• The Bed of Nails
• Let’s Read a Story
• Television
• Paint your world
• Play and build
• The kingdom of teeth
• The Senses
• Children’s Bank
• Planetarium
• Satellite Maps
• The Adventure of sugar
• Burbujulandia (Bubble Land)
• Riesgolandia (Riskland) where you will find wind and earthquake simulators

How to get there

Tin Marin Children’s Museum is located on the 6th-10th street West; between The National Gym and Cuscatlán Park, San Salvador.
If driving, parking facilities are available within the museum.
Bus routes:
101, 101-B, 42, 42-A, 42-B, 42-C, 52, 7-C, 16, Route 4, R-11, 46 and 79.
Estimated cost US$ 0.35 to US$ 1.00 (depending where you board the bus)

Where to eat

In the shop “Cúcara Mácara” you may purchase promotional items and foods, including snacks and drinks at affordable prices. Tin Marin also offers a variety of pizza menus, with prices ranging from US$ 1.00 to US$ 2.00


Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
General admission (children and adults) US$2.00
The Planetarium (see opening hours) US$1.00 per person
Other services available include the Screening Room,and also an area to organize children’s parties, (birthdays or other occasions)



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