El Calvario Church

El Calvario Church

Located in the heart of San Salvador, El Calvario Church is an impressive temple and one of the best examples of old architectural remains in the city.

The original church was erected in August 1660; it was constructed with the purpose of hosting all the festivities that take place during Lent and Holy Week. It first measured 16 yards and was located in the outskirts of town, on its current location. The earthquake of 1854 destroyed this first church.

The second El Calvario church was built with wood, but was consumed by fire on 1908. Some images were rescued, from the fire.

Then a provisional chapel was erected as a concrete gothic church took shape. Engineer Augusto Baratta, who was inspired by Italian and Spanish architecture, designed this temple.

This is the same temple that is standing today among many other important buildings at the heart of San Salvador.

Since 1925, this magnificent temple contains a colorful dome with stained-glass window brought from Turin, Italy. The central altar is sculptured out of Carrara marble. And it has a carved replica of the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The central altar cross contains details in casted silver, this temple was completed in 1934 with the help of donations made by parishioners.

In the halls you can see the classic Holy Burial urn, which was created by Salvadoran Asisclo Acosta, there are also many dramatic religious images from the nineteenth century.

El Calvario church is 64 meters long and 52 meters wide, its considered a major attraction in downtown San Salvador, due to it’s history and the beauty and splendor of its architecture.

How to get there

The temple is situated near the Central Market of San Salvador on 4th West Street.

For the moment, there is open access to vehicles or public transport buses.

Access is very limited. We recommend parking in nearby parking and getting around the pedestrian areas with proper precautions.

If you are doing a complete tour of the historic center, we recommend to be escorted by POLITUR agents at no cost.

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