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San Diego Beach

La libertad / La libertad
This is an extensive beach with more than 7 kilometers (4.35 miles) of open space ideal for practicing jogging, volleyball or soccer. Despite being very accessible, it’s not very crowded. This beach is an ideal setting for camping right on the beach. For peace of mind MITUR suggests the escort of National Police Tourism (POLITUR) at no cost. Simply request this service one week in advance. Be sure to consult the procedure with that institution. There are many private weekend homes at San Diego, but there is access to the beach. An interesting site is the river mouth 5 minutes away by car. You will appreciate watching villagers and fishermen in search of shellfish amongst the mangroves. From here, you will be able to see the mountains surrounding the department of La Libertad and even San Vicente volcano in the distance.

Where to eat

You will find several small businesses that offer seafood dishes and cocktails at low prices ranging from US$ 2.00 to US$ 10.00

Where to stay

Most of San Diego is privately owned; however there are some places to stay. The area near the river mouth is excellent for camping. It is suggested you be accompanied by Tourist Police agents and carry the clothing and equipment needed to stay.

How to Get There

If traveling by car, (driving from San Salvador) drive to La Libertad entrance and you will see El Faro shopping center (With a distinctive lighthouse). Here, turn left towards the Coastal Highway; San Diego is just five minutes away and is clearly sign-posted.

Bus route

Board route “102” or “102-B” that travel from El Puerto de La Libertad to San Diego. Access to the beach is near the entrance. Estimated ticket cost $ 0.50-$ 0.75.  

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