Las Tunas, Torola, Playas Negras, El Maculís y El Tamarindo

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Las Tunas, Torola, Playas Negras, El Maculís y El Tamarindo

This is an area that gathers the beaches mentioned above and in a small sector you can find different types of beaches, black sand beaches with rock formations where you will find small pools that have formed on the rocks and enjoy them as in A natural pool, El Maculís is a beautiful cove of soft waves ideal for the family, seniors and children, with a large stretch of beach to walk in the sun or practice beach sports or just relax.

The Tamarindo is a beach with characteristics of estuary, little swell, little and constant depth, in the tamarindo you will find offer of boats that take you to know the coast of the east of El Salvador, or you can take it to the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca .

How to get?

By car, head for the coastal highway (CA-2) that leads from San Salvador to the east, after passing Usulután you will find a detour called El Delirio, there turn right and continue; He will find a detour that says to the Cuco pass, then find another that says to Intipucá must also pass this one and in the third detour says: to Tamarindo, there turn right and you will find; First Las Tunas beach, then Torola beaches, Black beaches and then El Maculís and El Tamarindo

By bus, head to the eastern terminal and take the 301 road that leads to San Miguel, then at the San Miguel terminal, take the route 385 that goes to Tamarindo, the trip from San Miguel to El Tamarindo lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes.

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