El Espino Beach

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El Espino Beach

El Espino Beach is one of the favorite attractions in eastern El Salvador. At El Espino you will find more than 10 kilometers of unbroken beaches with gray sand, mangrove forests and rustic palm roof rooms for your stay.
At 156 km from San Salvador and 38 km from San Miguel, this site is ideal for sports such as beach soccer, volleyball, jogging, fishing and swimming.
As part of its appeal, the local fishermen offer seafood, fresh from the sea, at affordable prices. You may take a boat trip to the nearby islands, or to Jiquilisco Bay.
This corner of Usulután displays incredible sunsets, delicate waves and the warmth of the locals who will gladly assist you on your visit.

Where to eat

The cuisine is varied. Most options are palm roof huts where they serve fresh seafood at affordable prices. Bring cash, since there are no other payment methods available.

Where to stay

This is an area that provides basic rooms ranging from US $ 6.00 (per day) to US$ 35.00 (per night, with air conditioning). Prices are subject to change depending on season. This beach has many private homes for rent.

How to get there

If driving take the coastal highway (CA-2) towards Usulután (East), then find the diversion to El Espino Beach.
Bus routes:
From San Salvador, Route 302 bound to Usulután, then 358-B route directly to El Espino. Fares from US$ 1.50.



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