Coatepeque Lake

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Coatepeque Lake

Santa Ana / El Congo
Considered among the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world, its name means in Nahuat language "Snake's Lake" In its banks there are rocky formations called the glasses, the north dome is 25 Mts in diameter and 25 Mts in height, the south dome is 150 Mts in diameter and 25 Mts in height, it also has an island (Teopán) that was a sanctuary To the goddess Izqueye (companion of Quetzalcoatl) It has an extension of 25.3 square kilometers, and a depth of 115 meters, is at an altitude of 745 masl. The water is very pleasant, ideal place to practice scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, swimming, water skiing etc. To practice scuba diving contact the following dive operators El Salvador Divers Tel. 2264-0961 e-mail Oceanic diving Tel 2263-6932 and 2263-6931 e-mail;, DIVE CENTER TEL 2432-0933

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