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Artisan Fishing

La Uniu00f3n / el Golfo de fonseca
During this tour we embark before sunset, because we know that the nights and dawns are the best times to fish, and because we were told that some teachers of the Gulf, who enjoy teaching the secrets of artisanal fishing, have captivated the visitors. First we went to take bait with the bolt as do all the fishermen of the Gulf every night. The Lanchero and Guide teach us what is a pellet and how it is launched, and with this implement we obtain the silver ones that will serve as a lure to catch our Corvinas or hake, which are the most abundant during fishing with hooks. This modality can be requested with trasmallos or hooks, during the day or the night, that is when better fishing results are obtained. This tour also during the summer gives us a spectacle of stars and "Leonidas" in the immense sky that covers the gulf.

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