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El Salvador is recognized for having the best waves in the world, where beginners and experts can enjoy the best beaches and the best gastronomy and above all the good atmosphere that characterizes us.

We invite you to know the destinations mentioned below, there you will find waves reports  and relevant aspects of the climate.

El Cuco Beach
Chirilagua / San Miguel
Las Tunas Beach
La Unión / La Unión
El Pimental Beach
Zacatecoluca / La Paz
Mizata Beach
Mizata / La Libertad
Las Flores Beach
San Miguel / San Miguel
El Sunzal Beach
La Libertad / La Libertad
Punta Roca Beach
Punta Roca / La Libertad
Pier La Libertad Harbor
La Libertad /
El Zonte Beach
La Libertad / La Libertad
Los Cóbanos Beach
Los Cobanos / Sonsonate
El Palmarcito Beach
La Libertad / La Libertad
El Tunco
Tamanique / La Libertad
El Espino Beach
Playa El Espino / Usulután
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The perfect vacation is in El Salvador!